PAS should prepare itself to be more convincing to others to become the National player who would able advocate Malaysian to achieve peace, nation harmony, economy prosperity through ISLAM. The big task ahead will be only can achieved by yielding the principal and originality of ISLAM which is unique and guaranteed by ALLAH. PAS have all resources to do what is necessary to become national key player in building Malaysia to the next level of Nation State. The State which important to the development of Muslim World and the leading Nation who can face many obstacles to unite the World of Islam without sacrificing bloodshed which already problem to many Muslim’s Nation.


Searching the “Ahmet Davotoglu’s Strategic Depth Vision” of PAS

PAS could learn from the Davotoglu Vision in the current building Modern Turkey to face all the obstacles and still manage walking tall among others superpowers Nation. But of course, first and foremost, not to become international power but to build national interest accordingly. Fail to recognize priority and self weakness, would lead to disaster in building image of ISLAM in Malaysia. Apart of its President, PAS is still lacking in preparation to become national key player.


BPMS, The Vision Is there

The new vision of PAS, BPMS (Budaya Politik Matang Sejahtera) could be the best trajectory to build PAS into the National Key Player. Politic Player which can build Malaysia with others to be the good servant of Allah and serve others to prosperity and peaceful life. The Images that the enemy of ISLAM portrayed us need to be wipe off using the politics of diplomacy but solid in the principal. Not many Leaders in the Muslim world can act like the current President of PAS which solid in Principal and full of diplomacy in engaging with others.This kind of figure cannot build in one day.

The new generation of PAS should developing themselves into this thing, the one who can walk into the current spectrum of politics and can manage through the many obstacles using the principles of ISLAM. There would be more challenges and difficulties in coming days, sooner or later, but one cannot achieve victory without the big battles.

I am very high hope, that the new generation of PAS would equipped themselves with the all the relevant knowledge and mostly the wisdom from Quran and Sunnah of our Prophet Muhammad SAW to face the new challenge in the coming days. The Power of knowledge should be not taken for granted, because today is the world of information and propagandas. And because of that, many of others facing the null state like what happened in middle east.


Ahmad Hakimi Othman

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